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Globarena E -Mentoring System (GEMS)

GEMS is a high impact comprehensive online solution to bridge the employability - skill gap and enhance the college talent pool by focusing on holistic student skill development, thus establish a continuous talent hub for the industry.

GEMS facilitates students acquire skills in a systematic way to:

  • strengthen domain skills
  • become competent and confident individual
  • understand the industry prospective
  • be prepared to succeed in recruitment process
  • be ready to excel in the workplace

GEMS Approach

GEMS follows the conscious competence learning model. It will enable the students to go through the process of skill acquisition at various stages.

  • Pre-assessment: Reflects student capabilities, creates awareness about inherent strengths and suggests areas for improvement.
  • Learning resources: Help students acquire knowledge and skills through self-learnable digital programs.
  • Expert guidance: Students interact with mentors to get clarifications for their queries and also get needed guidance to hone their skills.
  • Collaborate: Students exchange views amongst the GEMS learners community.
  • Interim assessments: Review student progress and provides corrective feedback.
  • Review GEMS progress: Our coordinators will visit the colleges regularly to monitor the programme and take the feedback for further improvement.
  • Post-assessments: Reflect on student progress and performance (scores). It can be compared across the GEMS learners community.
  • Industry interface: Creates awareness regarding the current industry trends through industry-academia meets and articles. GEMS also conducts job drives to facilitate student placements.
  • Career portal: Students profile (resume, study profile and assessment score) are uploaded to showcase their capabilities to the companies registered on GEMS.

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