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NASSCOM® is the premier trade body and the chamber of commerce of the IT-BPO industries in India. NASSCOM is a global trade body with more than 1200 members, which include both Indian and multinational companies that have a presence in India. NASSCOM's member and associate member companies are broadly in the business of software development, software services, software products, consulting services, BPO services, e-commerce & web services, engineering services offshoring and animation and gaming. NASSCOM´s membership base constitutes over 95% of the industry revenues in India and employs over 2.24 million professionals.

NASSCOM was set up in 1988, at Mumbai to facilitate business and trade in software and services and to encourage advancement of research in software technology. It is a not-for-profit organization, registered under the Indian Societies Act, 1860. Currently, NASSCOM is headquartered in New Delhi, India with regional offices in the cities of Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata and Pune.

In India and around the world, NASSCOM members are active participants in the new global economy and are reputed for their innovative business practices, social initiatives and thrust for foraying into new emerging opportunity areas.

NASSCOM's Vision is to maintain India's leadership position in the global sourcing IT industry, to grow the market by enabling industry to tap into emerging opportunity areas and to strengthen the domestic market in India.

Aims and Objectives

NASSCOM aims to drive the overall growth of the global offshoring market and maintain India´s leadership position, by taking up the role of a strategic advisor to the industry. NASSCOM´s varied strengths include advocacy on public policy, international trade development, research and market intelligence services, and access to an international network through 20 MoUs and linkages with 40 industry associations across the globe. This enables NASSCOM to advise members - both established and emerging companies to further their growth.

Other goals include accelerating trade development efforts, improving talent supply, strengthening local infrastructure, building partnerships and driving operational excellence. It also boosts the process of Innovation; IT workforce development and enhanced cyber security.

NASSCOM´s seven fold strategy towards achieving these objectives:

  1. Strengthen the brand equity of India as a premier global sourcing destination
  2. Partner with Government of India and State Governments in formulating IT policies and legislation. Partner with global stakeholders for promoting the industry in global markets
  3. Strive for a thought leadership position and deliver world-class research and strategic inputs for the industry and its stakeholders
  4. Expand the quantity and quality of the talent pool in India
  5. Continuous engagement with all member companies and stakeholders to devise strategies to achieve shared aspirations for the industry and the country.
  6. Encourage and facilitate members to uphold world class quality and service delivery standards
  7. Aim to uphold Intellectual Property Rights

NASSCOM Membership - NASSCOM welcomes as members, companies and firms that are incorporated and/or are registered in India, which have made and will make positive contributions to the IT industry in India and globally. Member companies are expected to comply with NASSCOM´s code of conduct.

Membership Strength - The membership of NASSCOM has been steadily increasing. In 1988, NASSCOM had 38 members, who together contributed close to 65 percent of the revenue of the software industry. Since then, membership of NASSCOM has grown multifold to reach over 1300 members in 2008. These members currently account for over 95 percent of the revenues of the software industry in India.

National Skills Registry (NSR)

NSR is a centralized database of employees of the IT services and BPO companies in India. This database contains third party verified personal, qualification and career information of IT professionals. It is an employee-friendly measure to minimize any misuse of employee identity, where employers will be able to view the verified resume of the IT professional.

NASSCOM Assessment of Competence (NAC)

In line with this rationale the NASSCOM Assessment of Competence (NAC) is an Assessment and Certification framework to ensure a steady supply of quality professionals to meet the present and future requirements of the IT-BPO industry. NAC aims to create a robust and continuous pipeline of talent through a standard assessment and certification. It also helps to provide insights into the training and development needs of talent and helps, Governments and Universities develop customized talent development initiatives and programs. This framework is available for IT industry (NAC-Tech) and BPO (NAC).


Animation & Gaming Forum: The NASSCOM Animation & Gaming forum is focused on building the nascent but high potential animation and gaming industry in the country. Focused events, research, policy and talent development on the thrust area.

BPO Forum: The forum aims to build a sustainable BPO advantage in India through research, events and manpower development initiatives.

Domestic IT Market Initiative: NASSCOM´s initiatives in the domestic IT market are focused on developing upstream linkages and downstream linkages between the IT industry and other stakeholders of the domestic IT market.

Education Initiative: The Education initiative aims to catalyse IT-BPO industry interface with the Academia to ensure availability of globally employable quality IT-BPO professionals. Specific programme on enhancing capacity & employment of the workforce is undertaken.Emerging Companies Forum: The forum provides a platform for the emerging companies segment to share experiences, ally on critical projects and even focuses on partnerships to cater to customer demands.

Engineering Services Forum: The forum aims to assist engineering service providers to optimally exploit the potential for engineering services offshoring/ outsourcing and help India achieve global dominance in this space.

Global Enterprise Product Support forum (GEPS) - This forum aims to build synergies to realize a combined vision. To build India´s potential as a leader in global enterprise level product support by 2012 and is focused towards multinational companies that leverage India through product support.

Gender Inclusivity Initiative: The forum focuses on mentoring and empowering women managers across junior, middle and senior level from the IT Industry through various workshops, activities and training sessions.

Green IT Initiative: The recently launched NASSCOM Green IT initiative is focused on enabling IT-BPO industry in India to contribute towards the environment through technology, and adoption of environmentally friendly infrastructure.

Global Trade Development Program: The focus of the trade development program is to engage with international stakeholders, the government, customers and associations to collaborate on issues related to international policy, visa/work permit and business partnerships.

Internet Working Group: There is a significant representation of members who operate in the Internet domain. The challenges faced by these companies are unique and deals more with market penetration and creating a level playing field. Internally we did some brainstorming and came up with the idea of forming a core group constituting of companies who operate out of this space. The idea was to create a platform which can be used as a sounding board and an opportunity for sharing of best practises.

Innovation Initiative: This initiative aims to catalyse innovation in India through specific programs, awards and a special fund.

Product Forum: The forum works towards encouraging product development in India by providing relevant industry information, facilitate exchange of ideas, identify issues related to marketing, branding, investments and IP (Intellectual Property) creation and protection.

Quality Forum: The key objective of the forum is to provide India with next generation leadership in the Quality domain.

Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) Forum: The forum aims to build India´s capability in the offshore Infrastructure management space through market development and enhancing talent supply.

Institution Building: NASSCOM has catalyse development of two organisations, to focus on CSR and data security

NASSCOM Foundation

NASSCOM Foundation (NF) was instituted with the aim to use information and communication technologies for development (ICT for D) and to catalyse the corporate social responsibility (CSR) arena within the Indian IT industry. Through the implementation of the diverse range of programmes NASSCOM Foundation is addressing its goal of taking information and communication tools to underserved communities across the country as well as channelising the immense potential of the IT industry towards socio-economic development of the nation.

Data Security Council of India (DSCI)

DSCI is a not-for-profit organization, established with the key objective of building a credible and committed body to uphold a high level of data privacy and security standards. The Mission of DSCI is to create trustworthiness of Indian companies as global sourcing service providers, and to send out a message to clients worldwide that India is a secure destination for outsourcing where privacy and protection of customer data are enshrined in the global best practices followed by the industry.


The ITeS-BPO industry is growing at an overwhelming pace and giving a major fillip to the Indian economy. India has established its leadership position globally in the offshoring market and now the availability of skilled manpower is one of the key barriers to the fast growth of the industry. NASSCOM has been working with the Indian ITeS-BPO industry players to create a national assessment and certification program - the NASSCOM Assessment of Competence (NAC). The initiative is aimed at creating a robust and continuous pipeline of talent. This will be done by continuously assessing candidates on key skills through a national standard assessment, thus making it easier for firms to screen candidates and also provide training need analysis to candidates. This will then be tied in to training and development efforts to help more candidates become competent to work in the industry. NASSCOM is following a multi-pronged approach to facilitate manpower development for the short and long term. By following a two-phase strategy, NASSCOM is aiming to build a pool of ITeS-BPO manpower which will be pre-certified, in tune with the needs of the industry and thereby gear up for the future requirements of the sector. In Phase I of this initiative, NASSCOM is looking at creating an Assessment and Certification Program which becomes an industry standard and ensures the transformation of a "trainable" workforce into an "employable" workforce.

Conceptualization of NAC

In-depth meetings with close to 35 players in the ITeS-BPO industry were conducted to understand their recruitment practices, cause of attrition desired skills in a candidate, etc. Based on this, a job-skill matrix was developed which formed the basis for the design of this assessment program. Core and Working Committees from the industry were formed and constant interactions were made to make sure that the program has everything that the industry requires in terms of a pre-employment assessment. An evaluation committee was set up to finalize the vendors and decide on the approach to the pilot.Multi-tier evaluation of the vendors happened after the initial interaction. The identified vendors provided the content and technology to run the test. Amongst the current endorsers for NAC are companies like Genpact, Accenture, Convergys, IBM, WNS & EXL. Discussions have been initiated by NASSCOM with other companies as well to get more endorsements.

Eligibility for NAC

Any Graduate or candidate appearing in 'final year' of under-graduation or an equivalent course is eligible to sit for NAC assessment

NAC Commercials
The price per NAC test is Rs.350/-
Skill Competencies Checked Duration (in mins.) Mode of delivery
Speaking & Listening Ability to understand spoken English and speak it intelligibly at a native-like conversational pace on everyday topics. 10 Online
1. Sentence Mastery
2. Vocabulary
3. Fluency
4. Pronunciation
Analytical Ability Approach towards problem solving, understanding and accuracy while analyzing and organizing the given data to solve a given questions / problems / puzzles etc. 20 Online
Quantitative Ability Ability to apply logic and calculations while tackling day-to-day arithmetic, involving simple-to-complicated problems / situations, understanding and accuracy while exercising calculations for arriving at answer / solution / conclusion for a given problem/puzzle. 20 Online
English Writing Ability to use correct grammar, appropriate vocabulary, spellings and punctuation in written communication. 20 Online
1. Grammar
2. Content
3. Vocabulary
4. Spelling & Punctuation
Keyboard Skills Replication ability while typing / keying-in the given content, speed and accuracy while typing. 5 Online
1. Typing Speed
2. Typing Accuracy
Total Duration 75
  • A common, transparent recruitment process across BPO companies
  • No need to go through the same recruitment process at different companies
  • Ability to identify self strengths and weaknesses through test scores
  • Ability to do a 'training need analysis', which will help them improve on weak areas through training programs
  • Employment facilitation using NAC scores

Employment Facilitation For NAC Test Takers

  • Scores of all NAC test takers are shared, primarily with all the endorsing companies, and companies directly connect to those who perform well in the NAC assessment and meet defined job criteria.
  • NASSCOM, in association with TimesJobs.Com (India's largest employment portal), provides an amazing opportunity to all 'NAC candidates', which allows the candidate to furnish his/her NAC scores in the CV on the Timesjobs portal. This gives an prospect to the candidates, from across the regions, to showcase their potential to the employers w.r.t. various skills that they are tested on. The talks are on with other leading employment portals as well.

Employers who wish to recruit from the talent pool of NAC qualified candidates, can fill the following form to register as an employer with us. Our industry interface cell will contact you with in 24 hours.

Details of the requirement

Immediate openings to be filled through NAC scores

Top ITES/BPO/KPO companies use NAC scores to fill their immediate vacancies. The following are some of the urgent openings. Register for NAC test to be considered for these jobs.

WNS ( is a leading global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company. WNS ´extends the enterprise´ of some of the world´s best brands by providing vertical-led solutions for Travel & Leisure, Banking & Financial services, Insurance, Shipping & Logistics, Utilities, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, and Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods industries. WNS also has a strong horizontal focus with its Finance & Accounting, Contact Center and Research & Analytics solutions.

WNS ranked among Top 3 BPO companies in India by NASSCOM for the last 6 years. They have offices throughout the world. In India they have office in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Nashik, Pune.

Designation: CSA

Desired qualification: Ug with 6+Months Exp or grad with or without exp, BE/ Btech with min 6 months exp in Customer service.

Brief Job description: Customer Service inbound process which involves up selling.( Related to Insurance)

Remuneration : Min(1.5) to Max(2.3) (excluding Variables) ( For Freshers 1.5)

Shifts: 12:30 pm to 3:30am

Any facilities / incentives specific to WNS: 0 to 3800( per month) Shift allowance: If shift extend after 10:30, employee will be eligible for shift allowance.

Any other imp. Communication: Need to be flexible in terms of shift timing and split off.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Where does Indian BPO industry stand today?
Indian BPO sector continues to grow from strength to strength, witnessing high levels of activity - both onshore as well as offshore. The industry clocked export revenue of US$ 12.7 billion in FY2008-09 registering about 18% growth from FY2007-08. The BPO sector also created 86,000 jobs in FY08-09 adding the total employment to around 7,86,000 in the same period. According to various research agencies, the BPO sector is poised to register an even handed growth rate and is expected to generate 6 times more employment in next 12 years.

2. What role do BPO companies play in NAC?
This initiative will always be driven by the 'need of the BPO industry' when it comes to the human talent / skills required for different types of jobs that the industry offers, hence BPO companies are bound to play a vital role here. During the conceptualization of NAC, the BPO majors that helped devise the NAC program are Genpact, Accenture, Convergys, IBM, WNS & EXL.

Discussions have been initiated by NASSCOM with other BPO companies to get more endorsements.

During the current phase and the times to come, industry will play a more crucial role in lending credibility / endorsement to the NAC and will help ensuring that this program gets differentiated amongst other similar products which are available in the market. Companies would support the program by various means and ensure that, over a period of time, NAC is mandated to be the first-level filter while they hire for entry-level positions.

3. What are the skills being assessed in NAC?
Please see "NAC Test Matrix" tab above.

4. What is the minimum educational qualification / eligibility required to participate in the program?
Final-Year Undergraduate (according to the '10+2+3' system) - all 'General' streams

5. Are there any training programs / courses that one needs to attend before attempting NAC?
Since NAC encapsulates skills which are extremely basic in nature, NASSCOM does not endorse/recommend any Training or Training Company for the preparation of NAC. However, there are very many training programs, specific to BPO skills, which are available across the country that may be attended if found convincing by the candidate.

6. How to participate in the program and take the test?
Currently, one can take the test only if:
A state is holding the test and is inviting candidates for it
A college/university/institute is holding the test for its own students
NASSCOM authorized assessment provider like Globarena is conducting the test at validated test centers. Refer to NAC schedule tab above for test venues and dates

7. Does one need to pay for this program?
Yes. The registration fees for the test is Rs 350/- only, which can be paid in Cash or by DD favoring Globarena Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The payment can be made at the follwing address

Globarena Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
F-28, Madhuranagar, Yousufguda, Hyderabad - 500 038. Ph: 040 - 23750190/91/92.

alternatively the DD could be couriered/posted to the above address with Name of the test taker and address written at the back of the DD.

8. Will people have access to NAC from small / tier-II, III cities?
'Retail model' will surely cater to small towns/cities. However, currently, with the two above-stated approaches, these towns/cities can still be served by the organizing bodies (i.e. state / college / university / institute).

9. Whom should we contact at NASSCOM for further details?
For further details on NAC, please contact Dr. Sandhya Chintala, Senior Director (Education Initiatives) / Nikhil Gupta, Manager (Education Initiatives) at