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Globarena's 4M

Globarena Technologies has got its unique distinction either quantitatively or qualitatively because of its career arena. 4M deals with mentoring students within their colleges for 21st century professional and life readiness.

It's designed to serve the needs of a wide cross section of Indian students from different backgrounds: science, technology, management and so on.

The duration, contents and delivery methods are designed and made flexible in way that every student group gets the benefit worth their time and effort spent on this programme.

4M is developed with the vision of shifting from local job readiness to 21st century global life readiness and reference to the following perspectives:

Perspective I
  • Mentoring the student in developing attitude and skills related to basic academic success
  • Aiding the student in developing professional skills specific to his specialization
  • Mentoring the student in career skills (pre-employment and post employment)
Perspective II
  • Bringing positive changes in the thought habits of the student (Attitude related habits)
  • Bringing positive changes in the talk habits of the student (communication related habits)
  • Bringing positive changes in the task habits of the student (Behavior related habits)
Perspective III
  • Improving the Self-awareness of the student
  • Improving the Industry-awareness of the student
  • The process of aligning self- awareness and industry awareness for employment and career progress
Perspective IV
  • Mentoring the student in the 3 Rs as in p-21 framework (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic)
  • Mentoring the student in the 4 Cs ((Critical thinking and problem solving; Communication; Collaboration, Creativity and Innovation)

4M is conducted in four distinct phases, they are:

Phase-1: Mirror

Foundation for the Career Mentoring Programme and Communication in English

When a student stands in front of a mirror, as he does many times in a day, he finds the image of his exterior. But to become successful in his career pursuits he does need a mirror for his interior. That is his, his inner abilities, his skills and so on. It's only when he knows his inside well he can effectively deal with the outside world. Globarena has designed Mirror to meet this need. The impact of Mirror on a student is four- fold.

  • Awareness of the present corporate employment opportunities, intensity of competition for employment, various stages of selection process and measures he has to take right from day one of his college life
  • Strengths and weaknesses in terms of corporate employability
  • Methods of making the best use of strengths and compensating for the weaknesses.
  • Checklist of areas in which the student has to adapt during professional studies from day one to the day of recruitment
  • Shifting form informal style of communication in mother tongue to professional communication in English
  • A well-defined goal of becoming a corporate employee at the end of college life which in turn forms the foundation for active participation in the rest of the program and motivation for organized efforts towards success

Phase-2: Mentor

Career Starting Skills and Habits for Effective Studentship

Even the most precious metal in the world i.e., gold is not worn as it is. It needs to be shaped into an ornament. We can't write even with the best pencil in the world unless it is sharpened. Even the most talented student cannot become successful unless he stresses on developing the necessary skills and stretches out his body and mind, become motivated and keep his focus on the set goal.

Mentor helps a student to become what he wants to become by rearranging his interior in a beautiful way and makes him feel good about himself.

  • Shaping ordinary self into effective self as a sculptor does while carving a statue or a goldsmith does while making an ornament
  • Practical knowledge of self-development using the processes of unlearning old habits and learning new habits
  • Identifying latent talents and sharpening them into effective tools for success
  • Unlearning harmful mind-habits and substituting them with effective new habits
  • Stretching out both mind and body for continuous development

Phase-3: Map

Career Stability Skills as needed by corporate world

While setting out on important voyage sailors first prepare a map that defines their destination. And to reach the destination successfully, the key words are prepared, practice, persevere and preview. In the case of a student's voyage, the destination is a corporate office and the rest is self explanatory.

  • Having a mind map of the expected 3-step competition at the time of recruitment process i.e., aptitude tests, group discussion and interview
  • Thoroughly to go through the first step of the competition aptitude tests
  • To enter an entirely unknown world of employment, adapt to the work culture, understand strangers, survive and succeed in the expected career
  • Translating the real meaning of the real meaning of the quotation "Success is 90% perseverance and 10% intelligence"
  • Understanding that patience and perseverance are not inborn but are habits to be cultivated by conscious effort

Phase-4: March

Career Growth Skills as needed by corporate world

If a student's efforts prior to the recruitment process are like rehearsals for a stage programme, the recruitment process is the actual programme...straight on the stage..right in the presence of real audience. An artist performing on stage should be alert about himself, his role, other's roles and audience. He has to affirm to himself on positive thoughts whenever negative thoughts such as fear, forgetfulness enter his mind. He has to act well and finally achieve what he wants... applause from audience. The same words apply well to a student participating in recruitment process.

Group discussion and interview are comparable to theatre arts in many ways. Globarena helps a student in his last and great March..a determined and organized journey towards employment.

  • The key for success in group discussion and interviews...being alert is practiced, with instant feedback
  • The power of positive affirmation while combating nervousness and related negative thoughts during competition is felt and put to use
  • The habit of acting out what is there in the mind is perceived in the real sense and practiced till perfection
  • To achieve the real goal of education i.e., employment is visualized during model interviews. Visualization is the blueprint of achievement